Annmarie Skin Care

Back in 2008, two video bloggers working in partnership – Annmarie and Kevin Gianni, both heavily involved in the health scene, made it their goal to provide an answer to a key question that was being asked of Annmarie by her audience: What skin care products do you yourself use?

Organic Skincare Company Berkeley CA -  Natural and Wildcrafted Products
Helping women look and feel beautiful with organic and natural skin care without the toxins.

After searching through their own cabinets and finding that what they were using was not entirely up to scratch in terms of a healthy lifestyle, Annmarie made it her goal to find alternatives which she could then share.

After trying many different lines of health products, she found that most of the natural and organic lines simply weren’t quite effective enough, or they didn’t live up to the term “organic” in quite the way that both she and Kevin considered to be true to the terminology.

And it was at this point, after feeling somewhat duped, that Annmarie and Kevin decided to establish their own line as a way to afford better control over the product ingredients.

They set upon a search for skin care formulators, only to find that some of them were created using ingredients that were not under any governance to be listed on the label.

After a long, hard search, Annmarie came across Bunnie, a chemist by trade, and an organics aficionado by nature. Together, Annmarie and Bunnie agreed to collaborate on what was to become a natural and organic product range named Annmarie Gianni Skin Care.

In 2011, Annmarie and Kevin began to put together a team as a way to get their message out to an ever-growing audience. Their new products already had achieved a certain level of success, after having received endorsements from popular authors, health doctors and also a variety of luminaries in the field.

Today, irrespective that it’s Annemarie’s name on the product line, she’s the first to say that it’s not about her, but rather, it’s about the team. The team are comprised of thoroughly dedicated and passionate individuals, and it’s them who drive Annmarie and Kevin to push on in terms of providing education (and their product range) with regards to the skin care industry.

Annemarie Giannia

Annmarie Gianni was born and raised in Poughkeepsie, New York. She’s a “seeker” by nature, and quickly tired of what she calls “cooties” in the world of skin care products. As such, she took the helm with the aim of finding the cleanest, greenest products, while still working just as well as those alternatives you’d find in a local health spa.

Kevin Gianni

Kevin was born and raised in Brookfield, CT. At the company, he’s referred to as Mr. Boss Man and he describes his position as being there to ensure that the wheels remain on the bus. His motivation for his work comes from the knowledge that he and the team are cultivating huge change within an industry that desperately needs it. Plus, he loves hanging out with his work colleagues so much that work seems more like play.

Annmarie Skin Care


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Annmarie Skin Care

Annmarie Skin Care is headquartered in Berkeley, CA. The business creates pure, organic beauty, makeup, and essential oils for women that not merely worry about looking great but are worried about trying to keep toxic ingredients from their system. Their products are sent around the world.

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