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By now you’ve probably heard about the benefits of turmeric.

A while back, we wrote about how turmeric benefits the skin. It turns out that you can really improve your skin by using turmeric topically, either by creating homemade masks or using products that have turmeric infused into them.

But we haven’t yet touched on why you might want to take it internally, also.

Many of you probably already are, and some of us in the office are avid turmeric users as well.

So when we connected with a company, Synchro, that is doing some amazing things in the supplement world, we saw it as an opportunity to tell you about why you might want to start including turmeric in your daily regimen.

The Inflammation ‘Epidemic’

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to something harmful or irritating in the system. Anything from a virus, bacterium, fungus, and injury can cause the body to react with inflammation. This is part of the healing process — it’s necessary to our survival.

But chronic inflammation takes a toll over time. Foods that inflame the body, like sugar and (for some people) gluten, can cause the body to continuously suffer from inflammation. Other factors can cause the body to trigger an inflammatory response even in the absence of foreign pathogens or injury. This can lead to ailments ranging from depression, arthritis, and even cancer.

Those who suffer from joint pain know the plight of inflammation all too well.

For your skin, inflammation results in extra wrinkles, acne, redness, and rosacea… Just to name a few.

Reducing inflammation that comes from your diet is a crucial step to preventing some of the symptoms we’ve mentioned. A while back we posted about foods that help to fight inflammation. Number 2 on the list? Turmeric.

Turmeric’s Double Effect on Inflammation

Most anti-inflammatory foods and supplements operate in one of the following ways: they either neutralize inflammation-causing free radicals in the body with a flood of antioxidants, or they stop the body from producing the chemicals that initiate inflammation in the first place (this is how aspirin and most over-the-counter pain medications works).

Here’s where turmeric really shines — it combats inflammation through both of these mechanisms simultaneously. This is why it it works wonders for aches, pains, and arthritis (by stopping inflammation at the source), while also strongly supporting the immune system with antioxidants.

This is why you see so many people talking about using turmeric for things like arthritis and all kinds of skin flare ups. Only there’s one problem…

Turmeric is Hard to Absorb

Turmeric’s powerful alkaloids are difficult for our digestive system to absorb. So when we take a turmeric supplement on its own, our body isn’t experiencing nearly the benefits it could.

To navigate around this problem and enhance their supplement’s bioavailability, Synchro uses liposomal turmeric. They blend turmeric with a specific type of fat (called phospholipids) under highly specific conditions to effectively binds the turmeric alkaloids to the phospholipids. This process results in greatly improved absorption.

The science is there — studies have shown up to a 6-fold increase in bioavailability when turmeric alkaloids are delivered via liposomes. This study by Anticancer Research looked specifically at liposomal turmeric’s effect on pancreatic cancer and reported encouragingly conclusive results.

The other way Synchro enhances the bioavailability of their turmeric is by adding piperine, an organic compound extracted from black pepper fruit. Piperine increases absorption of turmeric alkaloids in the gut by inhibiting an enzyme in our digestive tract that would otherwise break down a large portion of the turmeric alkaloids before our bodies can absorb them.

Studies have shown that black pepper fruit increases turmeric absorption by up to a whopping 2000%!

Synchro Gold

There’s a lot of noise out there about which supplements to take. Turmeric is one that has both a history of traditional use as well as a lot of sound science backing it up.

Like with any supplement you buy, quality is of utmost importance. It doesn’t matter what you’re taking, if it’s not from a good source it’s not going to do you any good.

Turmeric has the added characteristic of being poorly absorbed, making it that much more necessary to buy from a supplement company that knows what it’s doing.

It’s for all of these reasons that we’re excited to pass along our recommendation for Synchro Gold, a superior turmeric supplement made with intention and innovation.

Graham, founder of Synchro, has a background in biochemistry, and a passion pro-level cycling and vinyasa yoga that have fueled his interest to work towards, as he puts it, building a truly integrative framework for nutrition and performance knowledge.

With each and every supplement that Synchro makes, from their delicious protein power to their digestive support, they’re looking to provide you with something that is going to truly change the way your body functions.

Like us, education is a huge focus, and their blog is teaming with awesome information on health and wellness.

Right now their company is small — just founder Graham and Director Ryan Greendyk, working at their office in Berkeley that’s just a few blocks away from ours. Their line is small too — we’ve tried nearly everything and are eagerly awaiting their next creation.

Want to add turmeric to your wellness regimen? Synchro is offering you 10% off using the code synchro4skin.

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