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Our Favorite Balancing Natural Face Wash; Citrus Mint Facial Cleanser

Best Natural Face Wash For Oily Skin

We have two facial cleansers for you to choose from; the Aloe Herb and the Citrus Mint. The first of the two facial cleansers in our line was the Aloe Herb Cleanser, a creamy facial wash that offers a gentle clean, which is awesome for skin that’s dry and for everyday dirt but sometimes we need a little bit more umph in our face wash.

Enter the Citrus Mint Cleanser. This is one of our favorite products and we want to share a little bit more about it because we think it’s being counted out way more often than it should be.

Awesome Ingredients

Like all of our products, the Citrus Mint Cleanser is made with amazing ingredients. We infuse hydrating aloe vera juice with calming and clarifying herbs, add saponified coconut oil and a little bit of suds along with antioxidant rich essential oils and a witch hazel distillate to give it those extra deep cleansing properties you look for. Here’s a closer look at some of those ingredients:

Sodium Lauryl Glucoside Carboxylate

We wrote an article comparing this ingredient to its dangerous cousin, sodium lauryl sulfate, but we wanted to give another shout out to this added cleansing and foaming element. It helps get a deeper clean without impairing the skin’s mantle so even sensitive skinned beauties can use this face cleanser.

The Herbal Infusion

You already know that most companies use water in their cleansers and that we use aloe vera because it is awesome for your skin (so hydrating, so soothing) but did you know that we really take it to the next level by infusing herbs into that aloe?

  • Calendula and lavender keep the infusion soothing and calming while adding extra deep cleansing properties.
  • Rosemary adds extra antioxidants and an invigorating element to the clean feeling.
  • Neem is an amazing herb that clarifies and promotes an even skin tone.

Witch Hazel Distillate

This is part of what makes the Citrus Mint Facial Cleanser so great for oily skin. We use this distillate to keep it gentle enough for sensitive skin but it still has the amazing toning action.

When to Use the Citrus Mint Cleanser

For Oily and Combination Skin

We always recommend Citrus Mint Cleanser for people that are experiencing oily skin because it’s a gel face wash so it has more deep cleansing properties than cream facial cleansers do (we talked about the differences between a gel and cream here) but there are other great reasons to use this facial wash too.

While most cleansers for oily skin strip the excess oil with each use, the Citrus Mint Cleanser helps to balance oil production over time so this is going to be the best facial wash for oily skin.

For Clogged Pores, Regardless of Skin Type

Yes, it offers deep cleansing but it’s also gentle! If you’re experiencing any type of clogged pores or if you have blemish prone skin, this is the best facial cleanser to use. It helps get in deep and clear out the gunk without stripping your acid mantle. So even with sensitive and dry skin, if you’re experiencing burdened skin this is a great product to use, you just want to make sure that you follow up with the right serum and face moisturizer  for your skin.

After a Workout

Do you sweat when you work out? That’s the best time to use Citrus Mint Cleanser! It feels so good to get the blood pumping and sweat out the stress but that increases sebum production which makes workout sweat a little bit stickier for grime that can get trapped in the skin and cause impurities. This face wash totally annihilates that post-workout blemish risk.

Do you love the Citrus Mint Facial Cleanser? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Beautiful Voices: Dr. Christiane Northrup

Beautiful Voices is our ongoing blog series that highlights inspiring, empowering women. Our most recent Beautiful Voice is Christiane Northrup. See what she says when Annmarie asks her some questions about her own personal beauty.

Photo by Bill Miles

Christiane Northrup, M.D., is an ob/gyn physician and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. She is also the New York Times bestselling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-being.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

The best piece of advice I ever received was two-fold—from my college advisor (Robert David) and from my Dad. I had finished college, was feeling completely burnt out. And after a year off typing invoices at my boyfriend’s father’s office furniture company (which was depressing), I decided to apply to graduate school. My college advisor said, “Why don’t you go to med school?” And my Dad said, “At the end of four years, you have to be something, might as well have an MD after your name.” That sealed it.

Where and when do you feel most at peace?

These days I feel more and more at peace everywhere. But there is something special about being right in my back yard in Maine. It feels like a little piece of sacred.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is a quality that uplifts everything. It’s not just about outer appearance. It is both an inner and outer quality. It resonates with the heart. And can take your breath away. Beauty brings heaven down to earth.

What do you do when you want to pamper yourself?

When I want to pamper myself, I get a massage, then get my hair blown out and go to lunch with good friends. Took me years to feel like I deserve this. Now it’s part of my routine whenever possible.

What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge throughout my life has been feeling loveable and desirable as a woman. Being a doctor, a mother, an author, and business person. Easy. But loving myself— deeply, completely? Feeling comfortable in my own skin. Another story entirely. The inner work that became Goddesses Never Age was the turning point on this. And I’m happier and more comfortable with myself than I’ve been since age 4.

Dr. Northrup’s latest venture:

After spending decades transforming women’s understanding of their sacred bodies and processes, Dr. Northrup now teaches women to embrace a new mindset and thrive at every stage of life. In her new book, Making Life Easy: A Simple Guide to a Divinely Inspired Life (December 2016, Hay House), Dr. Northrup reveals her long-hidden secrets to mind/body/spirit well-being. Don’t miss Dr. Northrup’s cutting-edge information. Follow her at, on Facebook, Twitter, and her Internet radio show, Flourish!

Click here to check out Dr. Northrup’s new book Making Life Easy: A Simple Guide to a Divinely Inspired Life.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Much Love,
Annmarie Gianni

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6 Tips To Make Your Detox Fun from Food Matters

by Raquel Vasallo of Mind Body Green


Many people cringe when they hear the word detox. It sounds scary to them, they think they are going to be deprived, hungry and irritable, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Detoxing is about giving your body a break and allowing it to come into balance, and there are certain necessary steps that will get you there. I’m a firm believer that cleansing should be a delicious and fun experience that’s all about giving yourself what’s best for you.

Here are some simple tips to help you through your Food Matters 3 Day Detox:

1. Create An Intention

Focus on what you want to get out of the detox. Is it about losing weight, having more energy, changing your relationship with food, boosting your immune system, finding food intolerances? Journal your goals or create a vision board to get really clear. Having your intention in mind is a very strong motivator that will keep you on track.

2. Detox With A Friend

It’s very important that you don’t feel like you’re doing this alone. Get a friend, your partner or your whole family on board. This will make it a more enjoyable experience and will set you up for success.

3. Hydrate

Hydrating is the key to minimizing some of the effects of the detox that don’t feel good, such as achy joints, headaches or moodiness. Keeping yourself properly hydrated will help flush out the toxins in an easier way.

4. Pamper Yourself

Pampering during a cleanse is key to your success. Not only will it help you feel amazing, but it will also make the detox a much more pleasant experience that you will want to do every season.

There are certain ways to pamper yourself and aid in the detoxification process such as scrubbing your body with a hot towel, getting a massage, nourishing your skin with coconut oil or doing detoxing yoga poses.

5. Focus On Eating What Your Body Loves

Think of the detox as 3 to 7 days of giving your body the best. Your body craves to be in balance, eating whole and cleansing foods will give it just that. I actually use detoxes as opportunities to create or try new recipes and share them with the people I love. It’s a fun way to reset your body’s balance, try new delicious meals and inspire others too.

6. Journal

Get yourself a beautiful notebook and make a ritual out of this. Your journal will be your best friend during the detox, a place where you can review your daily detoxing efforts, be aware of your emotions and focus on how you want to feel the next day.

A Special Event You Don’t Want to Miss!

Our friends James and Laurentine at Food Matters have a truly amazing FREE workshop coming up about cleansing and detoxing! If you want to learn how to feel refreshed, energized, and incredible inside and out, you’re going to love this!

The 5-Part Cleanse & Detox Workshop is an online event beginning March 20th, 2017 and it will guide you on a 10-day personal journey to looking and feeling better than you have in years.

Click here to secure your free pass to the entire online workshop!


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